Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why the President's Jobs Plan Won't Work

The President has proposed a new plan to get people back to work.

The problem is one tax on businesses is skyrocking, not due to the federal govt. perse (though they are the ones extending benefits), but due to states.

State unemployment taxes have skyrocketed. Here in Florida a 12 fold increase.

"The minimum tax will jump from $8.40 per employee to $100.30 — an almost 12-fold increase — next year while the maximum will go up from $378 per employee to $459, state officials said Wednesday."

33 other states plan to hike these taxes a minimum of 3x the present rate. HI has a 500% increase coming.

This means we have gone past the tipping point. The action by the govt. will be too little too late.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Why the unemployment numbers went down...

The number of people in the workforce shrank by 291,000.

How this impacts the numbers is explained by the genius at Political Math:

Let’s say we have 20 people in the workforce and 2 of them fit the technical definition for unemployed, which means that they’re actively looking for work. That gives us an unemployment rate of 10%.

Now, let’s say one of the unemployed people got tired of being unemployed and decided to go back to school. She has now removed herself from the labor force, so we don’t count her when we count unemployed people. Let’s also say that one of the employed people lost his job and instead of looking for a new one, he decided to simply retire.

As you can see we haven’t added any jobs… in fact we have fewer jobs than we did before. But we took a higher percentage of people out of the “unemployed” group than we did out of the “employed” group. It’s now 1 person unemployed and 17 people employed. We’ve “slashed” the unemployment rate to 5.5%.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monthly Rotation and checklist.

Don't forget it is rotation and check list week.

Tips this month:
Every six months it's a good idea to inspect and taste your water supply or even change it out. Even reaching into the barrel (or what ever you use and feel the sides for signs of algae/slime. Inspect any lids rubber gaskets etc..

Don't forget to inspect the gear and items in your personal carry bag. I discovered damage to my water purifier filter screen and the container carrying my silver had been crushed...both were in the bottom. I will have to rearrange their placement.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Economic Tsunami Alert

Economist Max Keiser who predicted the default in Dubai back in January has a really ugly take on the world economy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jobs saved?...

The White House has claimed it saved or created 1 million new jobs since enacting the stimulus since Feb. 2009. I'm very dubious about that number, but let's give them a benefit of the doubt for a minute. Let's say 1/3 of the stimulus money ($787 Billion) has been spent so far (though I think it's closer to half). Thats ~$262,000,000,000... divided by 1,000,000 equals ~$262,000 per job. The average yearly wage in the US is ~$41,000.....yikes! A difference of $221,000. I guess the jobs that were saved were the bankers and government officials that got us into this mess since those are the only wages in that upper bracket.

Year to date total jobs lost 24,496,541!!!!!!!!!!

Stats put together by this smart guy on WSJ MW

Year to date total unemployment numbers (non-seasonally adjusted):

2009 2008 2007 2006 2005

YTD Totals .. 24,496,541.. 16,132,767.. 13,333,451.. 12,940,565.. 13,978,938

July Totals.. 2,349,590.. 1,673,184.. 1,359,167.. 1,388,991.. 1,424,282

Aug Totals.. 2,321,221.. 1,803,676.. 1,318,189.. 1,295,295.. 1,292,461
Sep Totals.. 1,761,830.. 1,509,567.. 1,010,571.. 1,028,202.. 1,212,639
Oct Totals.. 1,914,499.. 1,746,354.. 1,215,868.. 1,120,169.. 1,301,831

Weekly totals:
The REAL numbers - don't mess around with phony seasonal adjustments as the economy is not following historical patterns - this week WELL up:

W/Ending … 2009 … 2008 … 2007 … 2006 … 2005
1/3/2009 … 731,958 … 521,311 … 499,979 … 475,889 … 540,927
1/10/2009 … 959,791 … 547,506 … 506,059 … 555,114 … 693,776
1/17/2009 … 763,987 … 415,149 … 506,709 … 439,873 … 467,862
1/24/2009 … 620,143 … 369,944 … 367,583 … 317,926 … 360,583
1/31/2009 … 682,176 … 380,138 … 359,959 … 318,805 … 364,704
2/7/2009 … 710,152 … 377,457 … 339,018 … 321,527 … 347,391
2/14/2009 … 619,951 … 325,754 … 363,018 … 310,078 … 309,290
2/21/2009 … 605,668 … 329,925 … 305,945 … 269,571 … 303,814
2/28/2009 … 645,827 … 345,165 … 299,000 … 272,478 … 290,776
3/7/2009 … 652,636 … 341,685 … 320,194 … 301,867 … 332,067
3/14/2009 … 601,193 … 335,917 … 298,927 … 294,764 … 307,061
3/21/2009 … 590,067 … 316,598 … 277,187 … 269,237 … 290,719
3/28/2009 … 599,299 … 341,846 … 273,432 … 265,370 … 291,378
4/4/2009 … 623,630 … 357,206 … 268,218 … 253,985 … 294,994
4/11/2009 … 610,522 … 370,949 … 328,266 … 314,696 … 339,709
4/18/2009 … 596,564 … 328,346 … 317,917 … 268,472 … 285,657
4/25/2009 … 580,377 … 337,858 … 303,984 … 291,349 … 299,891
5/2/2009 … 537,539 … 335,547 … 267,672 … 279,715 … 290,824
5/9/2009 … 570,412 … 325,480 … 274,801 … 317,239 … 297,347
5/16/2009 … 540,925 … 319,694 … 258,516 … 288,972 … 275,524
5/23/2009 … 538,268 … 326,518 … 270,446 … 277,168 … 276,761
5/30/2009 … 500,383 … 300,989 … 273,397 … 292,714 … 304,306
6/6/2009 … 581,080 … 373,046 … 263,527 … 260,263 … 289,914
6/13/2009 … 558,407 … 349,255 … 302,368 … 285,892 … 315,938
6/20/2009 … 568,552 … 358,159 … 290,951 … 277,441 … 289,831
6/27/2009 … 559,894 … 368,544 … 292,583 … 287,503 … 286,681
7/4/2009 … 581,145 … 401,672 … 300,348 … 304,638 … 327,268
7/11/2009 … 671,242 … 483,981 … 417,554 … 418,363 … 427,323
7/18/2009 … 585,575 … 411,408 … 383,839 … 377,115 … 374,665
7/25/2009 … 511,628 … 376,123 … 257,426 … 288,875 … 295,026
8/1/2009 … 466,695 … 382,792 … 270,563 … 259,974 … 261,906
8/8/2009 … 482,590 … 373,858 … 266,420 … 275,430 … 269,746
8/15/2009 … 457,985 … 343,169 … 257,573 … 256,259 … 257,151
8/22/2009 … 457,269 … 345,127 … 266,179 … 252,357 … 252,016
8/29/2009 … 456,682 … 358,730 … 257,454 … 251,275 … 251,642
9/5/2009 … 466,277 … 336,733 … 245,526 … 259,539 … 271,613
9/12/2009 … 411,126 … 382,249 … 261,971 … 240,231 … 322,387
9/19/2009 … 437,543 … 398,070 … 247,643 … 267,036 … 326,204
9/26/2009 … 445,618 … 392,515 … 255,431 … 261,396 … 292,435
10/3/2009 … 451,883 … 426,789 … 298,317 … 249,288 … 313,847
10/10/2009 … 509,730 … 454,065 … 306,519 … 307,646 … 380,093
10/17/2009 … 460,430 … 416,111 … 307,675 … 271,863 … 303,158
10/24/2009 … 492,456 … 449,389 … 303,357 … 291,372 … 304,733

Just some food for thought on GDP:

2007 GDP = $13.644 trillion, fed spends = $2.729 trillion, or 20.0%
2008 GDP = $14.546 trillion, fed spends = $2.983 trillion, or 20.5%
2009 GDP = $14.301 trillion, fed spends = $3.548 trillion, or 25.1%
2010 GDP = $14.546 trillion, fed spends = $3.766 trillion, or 25.9% if the economy gets back to 2008 - it won't.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Get out!

I apologize in advance I'm cross posting this on my 3's just too important. Please note this is just my opinion, and I'm not an investment professional.

For months the government, investment guru's etc. have been claiming the economy is recovering.....I call Bullsh!t! The economy is going into convulsions.... unemployment is at 17-20%, insiders (CEO, directors etc.) are selling off their assets, and banks are continuing to fail. Even the ISM (Institute for Supply Management) tried to paint a rosey picture with a positive statement:
(Tempe, Arizona) — Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in September for the second consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the fifth consecutive month, say the nation's supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business®.

But the important numbers PMI, Production, New Orders and Employment all showed multi-monthly CONTRACTION. If these areas are contracting...where is the recovery?
Foreclosures and Credit Card defaults continue to record levels.

A great explanation of the Employment numbers and how the government lies about the numbers without actually lying is explained HERE.

Ok so I have painted a bleak picture, but I'm not the only one.
What to do?
If you aren't moving from the market to cash, silver, maybe a bit of gold (those little 10th ounce peices are easy to lose), and barter items you are going to be hating life come 2010 (or sooner). Since we are into fall and heading for winter, many are already making like a squirrel and stocking up. I recommend if possible, to double down on this mentality.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The economy is getting better?..BDI continues to fall. Update

Update: Bureau of Labor statistics are caught fudging their own data!

Here is that last piece of data, over the previous three months:
-June 39 states down, 10 states up (1 unchanged)
-July 29 states down, 21 states up
-August 42 states down, 8 states up
Already, we can see a huge discrepancy in the numbers. While both sets of data, show huge, fictional improvements between June and July, the state-by-state data shows a reversal for August – with the labour market obviously deteriorating dramatically based upon their own measurements. However, this didn't stop the BLS from refuting its own data to report an improvement between July and August, when it released its aggregate number.

Economists continue with their upbeat predictions yet I don't see it. Everyone is happy that 'only' 530,000 people filed NEW unemployment claims.....thats over half a million is that positive?
Another indicator I watch is the Baltic Dry Index. It is still plummeting which means manufactured goods aren't shipping, because companies and thus people aren't buying.

Chart from investment tools

The sickness...

Sorry I've been away folks...I have 3 sick kids at the house, and I'm busy getting them well. Possibly the flu, but unknown. I'm not a huge fan of sprinting to the Doctors if the body can fight it. So far I've gotten 2 better with one left. Nothing like a constant flow of Florida OJ into the system to get one better. I will try to get an article up on one of the blogs before I depart for the weekend (hey it's fall lacrosse season...woohoo!).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doctors to 'jump ship' if Health Reform passes.

Probably one of the most damaging articles I've seen yet on Health Care Reform is by Investors Business Daily (IBD). 45% of all Doctors would consider quitting if the reform is passed.

Probably the most damning response was this
71% — the most lopsided response in the poll — answered "no" when asked if they believed "the government can cover 47 million more people and that it will cost less money and the quality of care will be better.

Folks if the doctors think it's this bad...why is anyone even considering it?

Friday, September 11, 2009


This story illustrates how quickly we forget on this day....that so many, warriors and their families, continue to sacrifice so we may go about our daily lives.

Story comes from BlackFive

Sergeant First Class William "Brian" Woods was a Team Medical Sergeant of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne). On August 14th, Brian was shot and killed by small arms fire in Ghazni, Afghanistan. At 32 years old, Brian had done multiple tours of duty in the War on Terror. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and served four years before joining the Army and becoming a Special Forces Soldier.

He leaves behind a wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters in Chesapeake, MD.

It seems that Brian's funeral procession in St Louis county caused one motorist an "inconvenience". The motorist complained to the County Sheriff.

The original email below was sent to Sheriff Glenn Boyer on Thursday, August 27. Below is the citizen's email followed by Sheriff Boyer's response.

I tried to call you earlier this morning, but was unable to obtain your extension from the voice mail system as I was not sure of your first name or correct spelling of your last.

I was inadvertently in this procession as I was leaving work on 270 from Creve Coeur and proceeding on Hwy. 30 West. I have some issues and complaints. I called the Sheriff's office last night, but the officer in charge would not speak with me. His name was Corp. Curtis. I am in no way complaining about your officers. I, however, was not treated very fairly when I called last evening because I wanted a ticket/complaint/or at least a slap on wrist for the people involved. Let me explain:
1) This procession should never have been held during rush hour traffic! Hwy. 270 is dangerous and people drive way too fast and there is too much traffic. This soldier's certainly would not have want his family hurt on the interstate taking him to Cedar Hill. People were dead-stopping on the interstate even though the procession was in the far right lane, the other three lanes just stopped. There were many near accidents and possibly were after I drove through. I was in the 2nd to left lane, no way obstructing the funeral procession.
2) I exited off on Gravois (30 W), far right lane. Your police officers went in the left lane to stop any additional on-coming traffic so the procession could exit off 270 into the LEFT lane of 30. Again, I was in the right lane. The St. Louis County officer stopped and turned around at Weber Hill to return on 270 after the procession passed.
3) The road was not closed. (Only for president as far as I know.) Again, the road was not closed. Your officers only had the left lane blocked/closed for the funeral. All other traffic by MO law can proceed as long as they do not interfere (weave in and out )with funeral procession.
Let me say, that I did not know what was happening. I knew the did not have Kennedy coming to STL, at least not yesterday. I was at work all day. No news. Nothing reported on the traffic on the radio driving home.
Anyway, two of these dirty, nasty, renegade, who knows what motorcycle men that were escorting the procession proceeded to stop in front of me in the right lane on Gravois. I had to stop in the middle of an intersection. They proceeded to scream and yell at me about respecting this soldier, etc. One of them climbed off his motorcycle and came over to me and stuck his head in my car continuing to scream at me. I asked him what this was for and he told me I needed to stop as the officers had the road blocked and show some dang respect. #1, the road was not blocked, the funeral was in the other lane. #2, I am proud of our country and sorry for the family, but they had no idea where I was going or anything else. I could have a child at day-care, I could have been sick and racing to the bathroom, I could have a sick parent waiting for me, etc., etc.
#3, They are not law enforcement and had no right to stop in the lane on Gravois and they had no right to scream at me and intimidate and threaten me. If I would have had my pepper spray, I would have used it on this nasty man! He is just a big hoo ha that is not even related to this soldier. The other man did not get off his scooter, but was along side of my passenger window screaming.
I left an abusive husband 1 1/2 years ago and I did not need this intimidation. I was livid and shaking!!
My son is a deputy sheriff in another MO county. I respect police officers. It was not their fault as they were busy with traffic, but I called to make them aware of what was going on during this thing. The St. Louis County officer saw it but of course he was out of jurisdiction.
However, I called last night and your office asked me if I knew about this soldier. Again, I am sorry about him, but I am a taxpayer. I got a speeding ticket a few months ago and paid the fine. I do not deserve to be treated like this. I wanted to let the officer know how these men were acting. Also, they were driving into the turnarounds on Hwy. 30 and then back onto the road. the funeral was much further ahead. One of them nearly got hit by me and other people almost hit him and another as well. I wanted to lodge a complaint about them why they were still there, but no one in your office would take any information or do anything.
This was not a military funeral, even though it was a soldier. There were not military vehicles. It was a funeral and the road was not closed, the lane was closed, I was in the other lane and again, these nasty men had no right to do this and I would have liked them to get a ticket!
I am sorry for the soldier and his family but you cannot let these motorcycle renegades do this. They could have caused several accidents and I really wanted them arrested. If they had any respect for the soldier they would have dressed better and not looked and acted so scuzzy.

Thank you.

Here is Sheriff Boyer's response:

Glenn Boyer/JEFFCO
Date: 08/31/2009 02:05 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Funeral Procession - Yesterday p.m.



Yes, you do deserve a response and I am willing to give you one.

I would like to say that I am sorry for the inconvenience we caused you during the funeral procession of Sergeant 1st Class William B. Woods, but I cannot do so. I would ask instead that you take a moment of your time to take into consideration the scope of the event. Your very right to complain was the reason Sgt. Woods fought for his country and ultimately gave his life; thus making the ultimate sacrifice for you and your family.

Let me introduce you to him. After high school, Sergeant Woods entered the Marine Corps. After his contract was up, he joined the Army, where he became a Green Beret. He comes from a long line of military members in his family. His Uncle is a Vietnam Veteran and two of his grandfathers were World War II Veterans. His job in the Army was one of the most dangerous jobs - he was a sniper looking for the bad guys to stop before they killed or injured one of our soldiers. He has numerous decorations to include the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

He grew up in Catawissa and was best known by his middle name, Brian. He enjoyed the outdoors, playing sports, and skydiving. He had a wife, Elizabeth, and two daughters, whom he loved dearly. He was a soft-spoken, level-headed young man who was proud to serve his country no matter what the risk. Now, I did not know him, but I wish I did. I am quoting from newspaper articles written about him.

At the young age of 31, he was shot during an engagement with Taliban forces in Ghanzi , Afghanistan . He died of his wounds in Germany on August 16, with his family by his side. He did not choose the time of his death, nor did he choose the time his remains would be brought back to his home in Catawissa. He just did his duty. He was quite a young man.

While you were being inconvenienced in your car on your way home, there were soldiers just like Sergeant Woods carrying 100+ pounds of equipment in 120 degree heat, up some mountain or in the middle of some desert. They will shower out of a helmet liner if they get the chance. They will eat a cold meal of MRE's; something most people would consider garbage. They cannot text their family or friends, or go to McDonalds, or watch TV. They can only continue the mission and look out after the guy to the left and right of them. They don't complain because they know they volunteered. The only thing they ask is that we do not forget the sacrifices they have made.

One of the dirty "big hoo ha" bikers, as you call them, was Brian's uncle, a Vietnam Veteran, like myself. We were not treated with a homecoming. We were spit on and called baby killers by a misguided public. Brian's uncle was giving him the respect that he, himself, never received when he came back and I, for one, am proud of him for doing so.

You say that your brother is a deputy in another Missouri county. I am sure he would be proud to escort the casket of a fallen solder, the same as he would that of a fallen officer. I am also sure he would not agree with your complaint about being inconvenienced.

My mother recently passed away. She was a World War II Veteran, serving the U.S. Army. She would say, maybe you should pick up Sergeant Woods' ruck sack and carry on where he left off. Then you could see first hand what it really is to be inconvenienced.

Per your request, I will forward your complaint to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office for his review. It is my personal opinion that your complaint is self-serving and without merit.

Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer

And before any of you go to check Snopes to see if this is real or not (and Snopes is occasionally wrong), here is the article about the incident in the St Louis Post Dispatch(courtesy of Blackfive reader Val)
Here is a video interview of Sheriff Boyer:
Last, you can send a donation to Brian's little girls:
Monetary donations for Lily & Elle Woods can be made at ANY Bank of America location - simply ask to donate to:
Daughters of Brian Woods Trust Fund
Godspeed,Brian Woods.

Update: More here at Soldiers' Angels Germany.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bend over America!

The "new" healthcare system is supposed to replace the old. Medicare and Medicaid will be phased out (so say the people calling me for support of the presidents 'health rationing' I know Nature Conservancy and/or Ocean Conservancy sell their donor lists). That means not just 47 million will be added , but the additional 40 million already on medicare/medicaid.

So really the budget needs to be doubled by the CBO (est. for 47 mill...needs to be upped to +80 mil.). ...lets forget all that...even the future cost...... lets look at the past....

That FICA deduction you have paying since you were benefit YOU in the future....GONE! Yep you have just been fucked for the last 20 yrs (or however long you have been working). That money is lost...gonzo, nyet, nada, non-existant....yes you just payed into a black hole......yes thousands of dollars...from you sweating your ass off to make ends meat .....GONE!!!!!
Welcome to change my friend.

And you want the government to take care of you? Perhaps if you are would be a fine idea.

Why is noone talking about this?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Atrophy and you...what the government wants...Update.

Update....this stunning article over at the Independent Thinkers Lounge goes to the heart of what I was trying to convey.

The U.S. Government wants to do everything for you. Job, food, healthcare, home, car.....they will provide it all for you. All you have to do is either work 8 months out of the year to pay for it, or perhaps do nothing....the government will live your life for you. No risk of danger...uncle scam will take care of it all. As long as you keep voting them in.

Living life requires experiencing a little chaos...when people stop wanting to live life to the fullest...they DIE. Wait for the government to save your ass you will end up dead. Grab it yourself. Waiting around causes atrophy...weakness...and in nature....the weak are culled from the herd. Humans are no different.

Katrina is my favorite example of people waiting for the government to save their butts.....the results are obvious. Who wants to be a rotting corpse?

Monthly rotation and checklist.


Time for the monthly rotation checklist. I've adapted this from alpharubicon's site (they have more info than I can ever read). Usually do this the first Friday of every month (you pick best time for you). Some of these actions may only pertain to those living in a moist (and in my case salty) environment. If you have a suggestion of what to add...let me know!

____Check water supply.
____ Check storage containers for leaks, mold, etc.
____Check function of hand pumps.
____Rotate water if needed (every 6 months if possible..use to flush toilet or water garden. (CAUTION! If water was treated with chems such as chlorine DONOT use to water plants!)

____Food storage.
____Rotate...oldest front, new to back.
____Check expiration dates.
____Check for leaks, pest infestation.
____Replace used or defective items.

____Weapons check.
____Inspect for rust, mold.
____Check stock/grip for damage/cracks.
____Rotate/inspect ammo and mags. (Range time!..woohoo!)
____Check slings and holsters for fraying and mold.
____Check cleaning kit supplies.

____Personal Go bag/vehicle bag (not large/main BOBs)
____Inspect contents, for mold, expiration..rotate as needed.

____ Medical
____Check first aid kits for expired meds.
____Inspect bandages and wraps for package frays/tears....loss of sterile integrity.
____Check supply of prescribed meds.

____Check tires and fluids.
____Check hoses, filters and cables for fraying, clogs or pest infestation (they like to make nests and chew wires).
____Check tool kit (missing parts, rust, mold etc.)

____Check smoke, CO2 detectors, intrusion alarms.
____Lube window and door locks (important in coastal areas).
____Virus scan computers and system backup.
____ 360 exterior inspection.
____Check battery supply.

3-6 Month checks:

____ Inspect masks and suits, gloves, boots for tears, mold, infestations.
____ CHeck expiration dates and seals on unused filters.
____ Inspect and test NBC detection devices (remember to store batteries outside units when unit in storage mode).

____BOB/ BIN (Bugout/Bug In bags/boxes) "The big stuff"
____ Inspect contents for mold infestation.
____Rotate out expired contents.
____Inspect temp. shelter or tear, mold, infestation.
____Inspect sanitation items (personal hygene, porta pooper, TP, fem. products, etc.)

____Inspect back up communication devices.
____Inspect tools for mold, rust, wood deterioration (apply linseed oil).
____Inspect BO route... has it changed (construction etc.).
____Inspect BOL is everything still the same?
____Rotate batteries in flashlights, check bulbs.
____Rotate/inspect fuel supply (gasoline, liquid gas, wood pile, etc.).

____ Test (partial or full) this should be done a minimum of once a year quarterly is best (you pick the scenario).
____Full Bug in test....cut the power...cut the using the toilet (unles you have septic) for one weekend.
____Full Bug out test (family camping trip!!!)... 3 days min.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting worried...

Ok I'm not quite panicked yet, but perhaps my anxiety factor is rising. It seems almost as if there is a concerted effort by the US Government as well as some Wall Street "insiders" to paint a more rosy picture than really exists. I believe they are hoping things will turn around, but things aren't.

-Claims that unemployment numbers are improving are a gross fabrication. People continue to loose jobs....very few gaining jobs. Additionally, once someone stops looking for work, gets a part time job (because it is all they can find) or falls off the extended rolls, they aren't counted anymore. Hidden in yesterdays CBO report was a scare little number...2.3 million MORE people will be unemployed. How the heck is that an improvement?

- Claims the stimulus is working....but it isn't.

-Along with the new report from the FDIC on an increase in failing banks and those on the verge of failure, comes the obvious attempt to hide action behind the scenes. Bailing out banks with money that is itself debt money (remember we (the government) are $11.7 trillion in debt already and rising) seems somewhat insane.

So it begs the question....does the US Government and Wall Street have their heads up their fourth point of contact or are they merely stalling and preparing behind the scenes for what seems to be the inevitable economic collapse of the US?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sticker Shock....

The Obama administration has just upticked it's 10 yr deficit projection (the amount more the government spends than takes in)
from a staggering $7.1 trillion to a more digestible $9.1 trillion *vomits*. But at least they will modify their projection for this year down from $1.84 trillion to $1.58 removing $250 billion set aside for banks (no idea why that isn't included..maybe it makes him feel better.

Maybe he wants the US to default....why is anyone supporting him?

Powerful Dems begin to hunt down those that oppose their plans.

Reps. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Bart Stupak, D-Mich. on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee issued letters to 52 insurance companies demanding the reveal who their highest paid employees are and how much they were paid. Is this the governments business? Is the authority granted anywhere in the Constitution for the COngress to investigate companies that have NOT committed a crime?

What these companies have done is come out against the proposed government run health care plan. This is the political class making its move to harass and intimidate private companies that oppose their view...this action IS illegal and a violation of their oath of office.

Plato showed the pitfalls of democracy (we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic) in 'The Republic'. Democracy always degrades to tyranny:

"The excessive freedoms granted to the citizens of a democracy ultimately leads to a tyranny, the furthest regressed type of government. These freedoms divide the people into three socioeconomic classes: the dominating class, the capitalists and the commoners. Tensions between the dominating class and the capitalists causes the commoners to seek out protection of their democratic liberties. They invest all their power in their democratic demagogue, who, in turn, becomes corrupted by the power and becomes a tyrant with a small entourage of his supporters for protection and absolute control of his people."

Sound familiar?

I fear tyranny isn't far away.

The awesome posters are from a great site The Peoples Cube

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Epic Failure....

Cash for Clunkers.....update!!!!

Update: I was being generous thinking they had until mid ends this Monday!!!!!

The cash for clunkers program is coming to an end . Originally a $1 billion program that was supposed to last until November, ran out of funding 6 DAYS after it started. The Congress quickly approved another $2 billion in taxpayer, debt laden money to keep it going. As of yesterday, 25 days into the now triple original cost program, the White House is winding it down having spent $1.81 billion of the $3 billion. Assuming current spending continues the project will be out of money again, by mid September.<---my assumption was wrong it ends Monday!!!....wowza!

New York dealers are pulling out of the program because they are not receiving the money from the government and are on the hook for too long a time...hemorrhaging cash and money lost in interest.

So lets recap...
-a government run program
--->ran out of money in 6 days but supposed to last ~120 days
--->budget had to be tripled
--->suppliers are pulling out because they haven't been paid
--->the program didn't last quarter the expected run time even with triple the budget
--->some 400,000+ Americans have new car payments (more debt?)
--->the majority of cars purchased were foreign made instead of American
====>Epic failure<====

....and you want these clowns in charge of your healthcare?! Brilliant!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anti- U.S. business President continues his quest....

President Obama seems intent on crushing U.S. businesses and manufacturing sector via U.S. Taxpayer dollars/debt, hoisted on terrible plans and bailouts. Lets look at some of the spiffy ideas he (and Congress) have going...

- Billions of U.S. Taxpayer dollars for offshore Brazil!....he blocked offshore drilling in the U.S.

-Cash for Clunkers....$3 billion going to mostly foreign made cars ( suckers!)

-Promised millions of "green jobs" yet a study in Spain shows a loss of 2 jobs for every 1 new green job. ( suckers!)

-Cap and trade will crush small businesses and employment. (SEIU, UAW, UWUA, UMW, USW....all suckers for supporting dems and obama...just watch your jobs and pay shrink). This interactive map play and watch what happens 2008-2009 specifically in NY, CA, and FL...states with huge social programs.

Not the best job of overlaying the 2 maps but I did find the comparison interesting.

-Social Security and Medicare are disasterous single payer systems that already are crushing the US taxpayer and placing this country in huge debt. Congress and the administration want to add another massive complex system without fixing the first 2?!...that get's a huge WTF?!!!

-millions upon millions of dollars in pork projects, free money with no strings attached...the list just goes's as if the administration and congress want to bankrupt the country.

WalMart goes communist...Update..response from WalMart.

UPDATE:Responses (2) from WalMart under my letter

The second more coherent response suggests that WalMart has pulled advertising from ALL 'polarizing' talk shows. I assume that includes several on MSNBC such as Obermann and Maddow. I will see if they live up to their word.

Thanks to FiveFeetofFury for giving me the heads up.
Though I suspected WalMart was slightly communist due to it's pricing policy towards suppliers and crappy Chinese products...they finally went over the edge with me. In case you were asleep, WalMart along with several others have decided to bycatt the Glenn Beck Show. Now I know Glenn can be a bit dramatic sometimes, but he speaks his mind and so far seems to speak the truth. I may not agree 100% of the time, he still is at the very least honest. I have not seen WalMart issue a statement regarding it's disapproval of the President referring to the Cambridge Police Department as "Stupid". Apparently it is ok for the President to defame someone, but not a talkshow host? I won't even go into the numerous socialist/communist talkshow hosts out there that continually insult those constituents trying to be heard by their representatives. When a retail store won't stand up for it's customers and more importantly the founding principles that it luxuriates under....I will have nothing to do with it.

Probably the most disturbing aspect in the campaign against the Glenn Beck Show is lead by Van Jones, Pres. Obama's "green-jobs" czar. Hello ethics violation?

Below is what I sent to WalMart's customer service. I encourage all to write WalMart and express your disapproval.

I was extremely disappointed at WalMart's decision to cease advertising with the Glenn Beck show (or ensuring that ads don't run during that time slot). WalMart has become a powerhouse in the US retail world by riding the coattails of this countries founding principles of freedom and capitalism. Recently, that seems top have changed. Wal Mart is in full support of a single payer health plan, and more disturbingly, showing a distain for freedom of speech. I wonder if Walmart has decided to drop it's support for the President's health plan since he called a Cambridge Police Sergeant "stupid"? No apology by the President nor by the more egregious, insulting Prof. Gates has ever been issued. Will WalMart insure that none of it's ads run before or after a Presidential speech? I suspect WalMart will continue to look more and more like a company that likes the benefits of this great nation, but won't support the freedoms it affords others. Due to this rather hypocritical policy, I cannot justify spending money in your store.

-Tom H
Palm Valley, FL

WalMart First response:

>>>This response made no sense to me and I'm not sure the person responding comprehended english<<<<
Dear Tom,

My name is Clavel. I am with the Customer Service team.
Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.

Tom, I understand and respect you view. Herman Cain is not a
spokesperson for Wal-Mart. We understand that he has a long standing
column and the views he expresses in that column are his own. Wal-Mart
is about creating jobs, providing affordable health care for our
associates and saving money for working families.

Anything else I could help you with? Feel free to email us anytime and
let us know how we can better service. Should you require further
assistance from one of our customer care representative, you may reach
them at Walmarts Toll Free Number 1-800-966-6546, they will be more
than glad to be of service to you.

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Thank you for visiting We appreciate the opportunity to
serve you and look forward to your next visit.

If we may be of further assistance, please email us at
We're here to serve you 7 days a week!


Customer Service at

>>>> I wrote back asking if WalMart comprehended what I was saying and received a more coherent response<<<<<

Dear Tom,

My name is Christopher. I am with the Customer Service Team.
Thank you for allowing me to assist you today. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. respect your reaction regarding the
recent issue with the Glenn Beck Show. However, we continuously review
our media plans.

In keeping with our internal guidelines to avoid content that is highly
polarizing, we have instructed our agencies, as of August 3, 2009 not to
run Wal-Mart advertising in news commentary shows on national cable
networks. This would include the Glenn Beck Show. We request for your
understanding on this matter.

Tom, I apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced.

Thank you for visiting We appreciate the opportunity to
serve you and look forward to your next visit.

If we may be of further assistance, please email us at
We are here to serve you 7 days a week!


Customer Service at

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I will be away for the next few days..

...will be in TN for a few days with the Mrs.. Unless something monumental occurs I expect not to be very anyway.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best explanation of the debt I have heard and seen yet!

This video is excellent and explains the debt so everyone can see it plainly. Thanks Missourah! for the heads up.

Made by the genius at PoliticalMath...he puts everything in simple terms so even an uneducated Neanderthal like me can understand.

Monday, August 10, 2009

We already have single payer government systems...

Medicare , the government run single payer medical plan with 40 million subscribers and Social Security, the government run single payer (retirement?) plan. Both programs are a fiscal disaster with a combined $107 TRILLION (that's $107,000,000,000,000) in unfunded liabilities; 7 times the national GDP and almost 10 times the national debt. It is projected in 8 yrs Medicare will be bankrupt (technically it already is since the present federal debt of $11.6 trillion exceeds 'money in the bank').

Read the eye popping article HERE.

And people wonder why I don't want another government run program.....geee let me think....

Stimulus wearing off....(China that is).

A great indicator of future markets as well as production comes from the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) which is considered a leading economic indicator. The BDI basically helps track shipping most notably raw materials that go into production of goods. As the BDI goes up that means more companies are making more products due to an increased demand. If it goes down that means production is slowing.

The BDI grew steadily from 2nd Qtr. 2002 to 2nd Qtr 2008 when the economy tanked. It reached a low 4th Qtr 2008 not seen in over a decade. At this time stimulus money, most notably from the Chinese government began to take hold. The Chinese pumped money directly into infrastructure projects (over 60%) versus the US pumping it into pork projects with no production value. This caused a demand for raw materials (thus increase in production) over the last few months with the BDI rising to 2006-2007 levels. Here comes the catch.....once the stimulus was burned through the hope was the economies around the world would have picked up....they haven't. The BDI has slid some 35% since it's high in June and appears to continue this loss.

Here is what worries me...China is the largest holder of US debt. If things get tough for China, who do you think they are going to want money from?...the countries that owe them. If Congress and the President continue to try to bury us in debt, we will either have to default or pay up....since we are already $11.6 trillion dollars in exactly are we going to do that? The legislative and executive branches are dooming us to economic collapse.

Is anyone awake out there?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Increase in federal debt...most in debt nation in the world.

U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy (I have no idea how to pay my taxes..but won't get penalized) Geithner has asked for an increase in the national debt limit from $12.1 trillion (thats $12,100,000,000,000 +) to some unspecified number. I suspect congress will give it to him so the U.S. "...can meet it's obligations". In the real world...the U.S. has no money. We are now the number 1 debtor nation to outsiders. Does this not strike anyone as bad? The legislative and executive branches are going to collapse this country.....why please tell me why anyone would support any policy that coninues us down this road????!!!!!

The stock market went up on Friday due to a perceived decrease in unemployment...what really happened is more people either stopped looking for work, in which case they were dropped from the statistics or managed to find part time work (in order to eat) in which case they are dropped from the stats. Unemployment is really closer to 16% hence the need for congress to extend unemployment benefits.

The national debt will exceed the GDP sooner than predicted....this hasn't happened since WW2. In fact it took 200 yrs for the national debt to reach $1 trillion...yet is has only taken the last 33 years for that debt to reach almost $12 trillion. You tell me where the problem programs are killing this nation....we have become a nation of freeloaders praying on each other for freebies and throwing away life liberty and the pursuit of happiness....we are definitely a poor country.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another auto $2.4 billion on top of the new $2 Billion for Clunker cash...

Hey peoples...wake the f$ck up....another bailout!!!!!! After over $130 billion plus for the auto industry..I have no idea because there are so many bailouts.

Cash for Clunkers tanked in 5 days at $1 amazing government management...amazing. Then another $2 billion to bailout the another $2.4 billion the Prez took with him to bribe workers today at an RV plant (now there is a green industry...they get about 13 miles to the gallon and weigh twice as much as a for RV's next?)...he has to bribe workers to get support...oh yea ACORN does that..never mind....

Hey American union are being suckered like no ones much is your pride worth? are screwing everyone else.....gain some an American instead of a communist leach!!!!!

IT'S TAXPAYER MONEY>>>OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake the F up America!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S. Government continuing down the debt road....

Next week the Treasury will issue a record $75 Billion in new notes and bonds (new debt). The US Government continues to play a shell game with it's debt by issuing new notes and bonds to pay off maturing debt and raise more cash. The problem is these new notes and bonds are debt. One who buys notes and bonds is lending the government money for a certain amount of time. So the government is borrowing new money to pay off old debt. Does no one see a problem with this?

This coupled with the expansion of Cash for Clunkers to now a $3 billion dollar bailout of the auto industry (after already pumping $10's of billions), mostly foreign made..(AFL/CIO you suckers!), defaults on refinanced mortgages as high as 45% , commercial property morgage failures , and continued job losses (during a typical hiring season) bodes for another mounting disaster.

People are grasping for anything positive in an attempt to fake out the consumer and get them spending again. Unfortunately, all that is going on right now is the effects from the injection of debt laden cash (remember the US Government is $11.6 trillion in debt with a combined $55+ trillion public/private debt). Everyone hopes (gambles) that the economy will recover sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, projections have US debt exceeding the GDP in 2 years (this is with a White House projected GROWTH of GDP by 2.4-4%...presently it is contracting). In otherwords...the government could seize ALL money/product made in the US in a year and still be in debt.

At present rates of unemployment, reduction of productivity and heavy debt merely being re-named/re-financed and repackaged I worry we are in for a nasty surprise come fall/winter.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Brother is watching you....especially if you disagree.

From the Official White House blog regarding the proposed health care proposal.

"Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet, breathlessly claiming, for example, to "uncover" the truth about the President’s health insurance reform positions.....

...Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"

If you have an opinion that doesn't go with the government or believe that the health care policy is 'fishy' are on the list.

Thanks Ace of Spades for the it!

Avoiding the Next Obama..

Via an opinion piece on the American Thinker by L.E. Ikenga . Ikenga lays out exactly what the POTUS is doing and how he is doing it. If I had written such an opinion I would be branded some sort of racist. This comes from someone of Nigerian parents who has seen first hand the devastation done by those who cleverly dumb down supporters to the point of blind stupidity. These African Colonial Politicians (ACP) are the worst kind, spouting what sounds like magnificence, but really end up keeping their constituents stuck in squalor.

"I call these men, who appeared all over Africa in the wake of independence, African Colonial politicians (ACP's). They were the direct offspring of the European Imperialists, imposing radical European leftist political theory on tribal cultures. ACP's and their unscrupulous followers were able to almost completely destroy many African cultures.

For the most part, these ACP's were intellectual frauds, completely unworthy of the honors bestowed upon them. But they sounded and looked good; so the people listened to them. With their fancy Oxbridge degrees, grandiloquent speeches given with perfectly accented "Queen's English", finely tailored European suits, and fabled family histories, ACP's took the masses by storm."

Sounds incredibly familiar doesn't it?

Remember what is important...and why we fight for this place we call America..

Family..... The Mrs., kids and I are in upstate NY on one of the fingerlakes visiting family. Last night, we all gathered around a fire, toasted marshmellows, made banana boats, smores, laughed and just enjoyed being with each other. I looked up at the was amazing and felt tremendously blessed. I thought to myself...I'm tired of bashing my head against the proverbial wall of stupid government programs, supposed representatives, and those just seemingly bent of squishing this once great nation into some perverted socialist, lowest common denominator, nightmare. Maybe if I ignore won't affect them. Hearing their laughter, seeing their smiling faces........whoa! Nothing like the Almighty tossing a hot ember on my bare foot to snap me out of the REMF mode.
There is no way I will let that happen! Years ago I served this wonderful country with some of the finest people on the planet. Today, our warriors continue to stand and fight whether they be in uniform, in front of a computer, making a tea party sign or merely doing a good deed for another. Though getting this country out of the mess it is in seems like a rather daunting task, it can be done. Time to hug the family and friends, roll up the sleeves and get back to work.

The U.S. is like no other country, it should not be modeled after some other country.We are unique, we love our freedom. Many want to change this, want to think for us, want to make us all the same....why? Why the heck do we all want to be the same? Freedom is about being different NOT the same. People in America have become helpless crybabies that believe they are entitled...what the heck happened? Why have we become so lazy? How do we reverse this seemingly infectious, weak minded attitude?

I'm the handsome one on the right.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The revolution begins.....

Finally, Americans seem to be waking up and realizing socialism/communism don't work. Legislative members facing their extremely angry constituents.

My favorite so far though is something so simple yet says so much.

All via Drudge.

The plan is to eliminate private healthcare..

In his own words and the words of Congressional 'leaders'. Thanks Pat Dollard/Young Americans for this little gem.

Political Cartoon of the week....

Sometimes a picture or in this case, cartoon art says it all.
By Michael Ramirez

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Missing Florida son to come home....

Missing F/A18 pilot from the first Gulf War, Captain Scott Speicher's remains have been found. He has been missing for 18 long years...though we morn the loss of our warrior, we rejoice in the return of his spirit home.

Welcome home Sir!

...and even more new taxes..

In a Sunday interview with Treasury Secretary, Timothy (I forgot to pay my taxes) Geithner, on ABC's This Week, the Treas Sec. basically told the American people to prepare for more new taxes in order to reign in the governments continuing ballooning deficit (thus debt). Well golly what a shocker. For some reason the idea of reducing the government spending and eliminating wasteful programs and porky projects isn't possible....instead raise taxes on people already struggling to make ends meat (those still working that is).

CUT GOVERNMENT SIZE AND SPENDING!!!!!! What is it with this concept that is so hard to grasp? The economy isn't going to bounce back anytime soon. If anything, it is probably going to get worse. The path the executive and legislative branches are pursuing is unsustainable....are they really trying to kill this country? Please fellow Americans, please wake up...before it is too late.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another disastrous social program needs to be bailed out

After tens of billions of dollars where thrown at Chrysler and GM to prevent them from going bankrupt, which they did anyway, the taxpayer continues to fund the auto industry. The 'Cash for Clunkers' program which pays people to turn in their old vehicle for a new more efficient one, ran out of money yesterday after running for an amazing 8 days....yep 8 Homer says..."Doooop!" Another $2 billion (thats $2,000,000,000) is to be injected into the program. I have 2 questions....

1. What is being done with all the clunkers? I know the engines in the clunkers are to be disabled, but then what? The scrap yard business (or any for that matter) isn't exactly hopping these days, and the environmental impact of a rotting vehicle isn't exactly positive.

2. Are we setting up for more defaults on loans (new fuel efficient cars cost wayyyy more than the $4500 paid per clunker)? The jobless rate is still rising. We are creating an artificial uptick in the economy which will show it's true state in just a few short months.

Companies that are poorly managed need to fail. Injection of cash into already bad business models is sheer stupidity.

Not to digress...but do you really want the government in control of your health when a $1 billion (soon to be $3 billion) program goes belly up in 8 days?.......nice.

The Political Class...

  Plato talked about the different classes in his writings in 'The Republic'. He described several forms of government that societies seem to cycle through Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and finally Tyranny. When reaching tyranny it becomes somewhat familiar...almost to the point of frightening. Society transitions from Democracy to Tyranny when the Political class cleverly manipulates the Common class (poor) to rise against the Capitalists. Commoners place all their power in an ideological demagogue within the Political class to crush the perceived threat by the Capitalists. The 'have nots' basically want the Political Class to seize what the 'haves' have. This leads to a small, but extremely powerful group ruling over all. Unfortunately for the commoner...they are no better off, having lost all of their freedoms and lowering the Capitalists to the lowest common denominator.

To me this sounds extremely familiar....the masses elected an ideologue (Barack Obama) who, along with Congress have been placing more restrictions, crushing capitalism and attempting to 'level the playing field' (read degrade to lowest common denominator). Now I certainly don't place the blame on the President or present Congress....this has been a long time coming...they are merely speeding up the transition. Both parties are just as responsible. As the political class has swelled in power and size, the commoner and capitalists have allowed themselves to be duped. We have become stupid and lazy. If something isn't done soon...we will have tyranny (if not already).

 Our Forefathers warned us against this. Government is merely supposed to stay out of the way of opportunity...not try to create it. Governments cannot create anything except restriction on freedom.  People want protection from from foreclosure, floods, being poor, bad health,...the list is endless. Those things are part of life folks!

What got me on this tirade was recent event in House Energy and Commerce Committee when Rep. Roy Blunt attempted to add an amendment to the new disastrous healthcare plan. The amendment was to have all federal employees including legislative and executive branches on the same health plan as the was voted down. The Political Class KNOWS this is a bad bad they themselves will not subscribe to it. 

Sen. Dodd, the beleaguered chair of the Senate Banking Committee, announced he has prostate cancer. He credits his congressional healthcare program for early diagnosis. This is NOT the same program the commoner will get...not even close. If it was, Sen. Dodd would not be getting his surgery...he would be told to wait (they call it 'watchful waiting) or more likely he will have to live with the results....that is the 'European' model standard. Funny...he seems to be going right in for surgery....the rest of us would not under the new plan.

Why America...why on earth would you want something that the architects know is a disaster....why? Why are we willing to trade our freedoms for more perceived protection from life? 

Friday, July 31, 2009

New legislation to kill American Family Farms....

Thanks to for the article "Exclusive: Obama’s New Food Act to Seal Sorry State of America’s Farms" by Paul Williams, Ph.D..

Congress in it's infinite wisdom is going forward with the Food Safety and Enhancement Act (H.R. 2749)...skipping most legislative procedures and getting this sucker passed. It sounds spiffy on the surface, but lurking below are some ridiculous requirements on our nations farmers and perhaps anyone who grows food and then sells it. The bill attempts to set up sterile farms...farms free of bacteria. This requires farmers to set aside large areas of land for 'buffer zones', erect huge fences, pay additional fees (read taxes), poison ponds (for sterility) and drain wetlands (because they are so dirty!)....I won't mention the warrant-less searches by federal Ag officials. This will do 2 things (at least).....crush the small farmer to the point of going out of business and drive up the cost of food due to the enormous cost placed on the remaining farms.

It seems as if there is almost a concerted effort by the legislative and executive branches to crush every aspect of American productivity....I find this extremely strange since the government gets it's money from the very businesses and working people it seems to be putting out of business.     When are the people going to wake up?....I suspect when it is too late.                                           


Monday, July 27, 2009

On vaction....

The Mrs. and I are on a bit of a vacation visiting family and friends. Will be back in August....I'm trying not to look at the news too causes too much hair loss.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The other shoe to drop...

The commercial real estate market is in trouble.....big trouble. But instead of dealing with the problem, banks are poised (under the direction of Ben Bernanke) to do a little accounting jig called an 'extend and pretend'. Basically, banks will extend loans (for a fee or increased interest rate) and pretend everything is ok. The reason for this is commercial loans are a bit different. Those receiving the loans, pay interest only for say 10 yrs. and then the full amount of the loan is due. So banks are pushing off the due date since so many cannot many in fact that the economy would crumble into a much larger disaster than the one presently in. The key is that the economy must recover substantially (and quickly) for this to work. There are no signs this will fact some estimates are pushing recovery off until 2011.
This is exactly the bad road Japan went down in 1990. What the heck? When is America going to wake up? There is no money for bailouts...with the looming Health Care bill who are they going to increase taxes on this time?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Healthcare...the cost is tremendous.

The House of Representatives unveiled their healthcare plan. It's massive and ridiculously expensive with huge tax increases on individuals and companies. Penalties and taxes inserted in a vain attempt to cover the cost (remember the government is already ~$11.5 trillion in debt and growing). CBO estimates this will cost an additional $1.5 trillion....paid for by the only group of people left with any money to revive an already gasping economy. It's as if the government wants to crush any life left in the US economy.

As to health care...why the AARP supports this is beyond they realize that if their constituents are past a certain age they will NOT get treatments they need if deemed the cost to benefit ratio is too high...they will be pushed to the back of the line (younger first) for regular treatment.
Anyone who has been in the military knows how government healthcare is a disaster.
The proposed government plan looks something like this:

Oh but it ONLY effects those making +$1 million (an additional $54,000+ a would you like to cough up $54,000+ a year more?) they can afford it. Not quite...hidden in the bill are other groups that will also pay....

-surtax on individuals who earn $280,000.
-surtax on couples who make $350,000 or more.
-businesses that don't provide healthcare will get slapped with a penalty tax (8% of wages).
-...oh yes and individuals that decide to opt out of the national healthcare program get another 2.5% penalty taken out of their paychecks....forced government healthcare or pay a penalty?!?!

"The legislation calls for a 5.4 percent tax increase on individuals making more than $1 million a year, with a gradual tax beginning at $280,000 for individuals. Employers who don't provide coverage would be hit with a penalty equal to 8 percent of workers' wages, with an exemption for small businesses. Individuals who decline an offer of affordable coverage would pay 2.5 percent of their incomes as a penalty, up to the average cost of a health insurance plan. "

Of course this is the same thing that caused GM, California, New York, etc. to collapse under the weight of it's programs. Too many on the welfare/healthcare/pension rolls and not enough paying in. The number of millionaires has declined by 14% in the last 2 years and is continuing to where do you think the money is going to come from in the future?

Wake up America before congress destroys this country!!!!