Wednesday, August 5, 2009

U.S. Government continuing down the debt road....

Next week the Treasury will issue a record $75 Billion in new notes and bonds (new debt). The US Government continues to play a shell game with it's debt by issuing new notes and bonds to pay off maturing debt and raise more cash. The problem is these new notes and bonds are debt. One who buys notes and bonds is lending the government money for a certain amount of time. So the government is borrowing new money to pay off old debt. Does no one see a problem with this?

This coupled with the expansion of Cash for Clunkers to now a $3 billion dollar bailout of the auto industry (after already pumping $10's of billions), mostly foreign made..(AFL/CIO you suckers!), defaults on refinanced mortgages as high as 45% , commercial property morgage failures , and continued job losses (during a typical hiring season) bodes for another mounting disaster.

People are grasping for anything positive in an attempt to fake out the consumer and get them spending again. Unfortunately, all that is going on right now is the effects from the injection of debt laden cash (remember the US Government is $11.6 trillion in debt with a combined $55+ trillion public/private debt). Everyone hopes (gambles) that the economy will recover sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, projections have US debt exceeding the GDP in 2 years (this is with a White House projected GROWTH of GDP by 2.4-4%...presently it is contracting). In otherwords...the government could seize ALL money/product made in the US in a year and still be in debt.

At present rates of unemployment, reduction of productivity and heavy debt merely being re-named/re-financed and repackaged I worry we are in for a nasty surprise come fall/winter.

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