Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anti- U.S. business President continues his quest....

President Obama seems intent on crushing U.S. businesses and manufacturing sector via U.S. Taxpayer dollars/debt, hoisted on terrible plans and bailouts. Lets look at some of the spiffy ideas he (and Congress) have going...

- Billions of U.S. Taxpayer dollars for offshore drilling...in Brazil!....he blocked offshore drilling in the U.S.

-Cash for Clunkers....$3 billion going to mostly foreign made cars (UAW...you suckers!)

-Promised millions of "green jobs" yet a study in Spain shows a loss of 2 jobs for every 1 new green job. (SEIU...you suckers!)

-Cap and trade will crush small businesses and employment. (SEIU, UAW, UWUA, UMW, USW....all suckers for supporting dems and obama...just watch your jobs and pay shrink). This interactive map helps..press play and watch what happens 2008-2009 specifically in NY, CA, and FL...states with huge social programs.

Not the best job of overlaying the 2 maps but I did find the comparison interesting.

-Social Security and Medicare are disasterous single payer systems that already are crushing the US taxpayer and placing this country in huge debt. Congress and the administration want to add another massive complex system without fixing the first 2?!...that get's a huge WTF?!!!

-millions upon millions of dollars in pork projects, free money with no strings attached...the list just goes on....it's as if the administration and congress want to bankrupt the country.

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