Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Political Class...

  Plato talked about the different classes in his writings in 'The Republic'. He described several forms of government that societies seem to cycle through Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and finally Tyranny. When reaching tyranny it becomes somewhat familiar...almost to the point of frightening. Society transitions from Democracy to Tyranny when the Political class cleverly manipulates the Common class (poor) to rise against the Capitalists. Commoners place all their power in an ideological demagogue within the Political class to crush the perceived threat by the Capitalists. The 'have nots' basically want the Political Class to seize what the 'haves' have. This leads to a small, but extremely powerful group ruling over all. Unfortunately for the commoner...they are no better off, having lost all of their freedoms and lowering the Capitalists to the lowest common denominator.

To me this sounds extremely familiar....the masses elected an ideologue (Barack Obama) who, along with Congress have been placing more restrictions, crushing capitalism and attempting to 'level the playing field' (read degrade to lowest common denominator). Now I certainly don't place the blame on the President or present Congress....this has been a long time coming...they are merely speeding up the transition. Both parties are just as responsible. As the political class has swelled in power and size, the commoner and capitalists have allowed themselves to be duped. We have become stupid and lazy. If something isn't done soon...we will have tyranny (if not already).

 Our Forefathers warned us against this. Government is merely supposed to stay out of the way of opportunity...not try to create it. Governments cannot create anything except restriction on freedom.  People want protection from from foreclosure, floods, being poor, bad health,...the list is endless. Those things are part of life folks!

What got me on this tirade was recent event in House Energy and Commerce Committee when Rep. Roy Blunt attempted to add an amendment to the new disastrous healthcare plan. The amendment was to have all federal employees including legislative and executive branches on the same health plan as the was voted down. The Political Class KNOWS this is a bad bad they themselves will not subscribe to it. 

Sen. Dodd, the beleaguered chair of the Senate Banking Committee, announced he has prostate cancer. He credits his congressional healthcare program for early diagnosis. This is NOT the same program the commoner will get...not even close. If it was, Sen. Dodd would not be getting his surgery...he would be told to wait (they call it 'watchful waiting) or more likely he will have to live with the results....that is the 'European' model standard. Funny...he seems to be going right in for surgery....the rest of us would not under the new plan.

Why America...why on earth would you want something that the architects know is a disaster....why? Why are we willing to trade our freedoms for more perceived protection from life? 

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