Friday, July 31, 2009

New legislation to kill American Family Farms....

Thanks to for the article "Exclusive: Obama’s New Food Act to Seal Sorry State of America’s Farms" by Paul Williams, Ph.D..

Congress in it's infinite wisdom is going forward with the Food Safety and Enhancement Act (H.R. 2749)...skipping most legislative procedures and getting this sucker passed. It sounds spiffy on the surface, but lurking below are some ridiculous requirements on our nations farmers and perhaps anyone who grows food and then sells it. The bill attempts to set up sterile farms...farms free of bacteria. This requires farmers to set aside large areas of land for 'buffer zones', erect huge fences, pay additional fees (read taxes), poison ponds (for sterility) and drain wetlands (because they are so dirty!)....I won't mention the warrant-less searches by federal Ag officials. This will do 2 things (at least).....crush the small farmer to the point of going out of business and drive up the cost of food due to the enormous cost placed on the remaining farms.

It seems as if there is almost a concerted effort by the legislative and executive branches to crush every aspect of American productivity....I find this extremely strange since the government gets it's money from the very businesses and working people it seems to be putting out of business.     When are the people going to wake up?....I suspect when it is too late.                                           


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