Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another auto $2.4 billion on top of the new $2 Billion for Clunker cash...

Hey peoples...wake the f$ck up....another bailout!!!!!! After over $130 billion plus for the auto industry..I have no idea because there are so many bailouts.

Cash for Clunkers tanked in 5 days at $1 amazing government management...amazing. Then another $2 billion to bailout the another $2.4 billion the Prez took with him to bribe workers today at an RV plant (now there is a green industry...they get about 13 miles to the gallon and weigh twice as much as a for RV's next?)...he has to bribe workers to get support...oh yea ACORN does that..never mind....

Hey American union are being suckered like no ones much is your pride worth? are screwing everyone else.....gain some an American instead of a communist leach!!!!!

IT'S TAXPAYER MONEY>>>OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake the F up America!!!!!!!!!!!

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