Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Avoiding the Next Obama..

Via an opinion piece on the American Thinker by L.E. Ikenga . Ikenga lays out exactly what the POTUS is doing and how he is doing it. If I had written such an opinion I would be branded some sort of racist. This comes from someone of Nigerian parents who has seen first hand the devastation done by those who cleverly dumb down supporters to the point of blind stupidity. These African Colonial Politicians (ACP) are the worst kind, spouting what sounds like magnificence, but really end up keeping their constituents stuck in squalor.

"I call these men, who appeared all over Africa in the wake of independence, African Colonial politicians (ACP's). They were the direct offspring of the European Imperialists, imposing radical European leftist political theory on tribal cultures. ACP's and their unscrupulous followers were able to almost completely destroy many African cultures.

For the most part, these ACP's were intellectual frauds, completely unworthy of the honors bestowed upon them. But they sounded and looked good; so the people listened to them. With their fancy Oxbridge degrees, grandiloquent speeches given with perfectly accented "Queen's English", finely tailored European suits, and fabled family histories, ACP's took the masses by storm."

Sounds incredibly familiar doesn't it?

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