Thursday, September 24, 2009

The economy is getting better?..BDI continues to fall. Update

Update: Bureau of Labor statistics are caught fudging their own data!

Here is that last piece of data, over the previous three months:
-June 39 states down, 10 states up (1 unchanged)
-July 29 states down, 21 states up
-August 42 states down, 8 states up
Already, we can see a huge discrepancy in the numbers. While both sets of data, show huge, fictional improvements between June and July, the state-by-state data shows a reversal for August – with the labour market obviously deteriorating dramatically based upon their own measurements. However, this didn't stop the BLS from refuting its own data to report an improvement between July and August, when it released its aggregate number.

Economists continue with their upbeat predictions yet I don't see it. Everyone is happy that 'only' 530,000 people filed NEW unemployment claims.....thats over half a million is that positive?
Another indicator I watch is the Baltic Dry Index. It is still plummeting which means manufactured goods aren't shipping, because companies and thus people aren't buying.

Chart from investment tools

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