Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bend over America!

The "new" healthcare system is supposed to replace the old. Medicare and Medicaid will be phased out (so say the people calling me for support of the presidents 'health rationing' I know Nature Conservancy and/or Ocean Conservancy sell their donor lists). That means not just 47 million will be added , but the additional 40 million already on medicare/medicaid.

So really the budget needs to be doubled by the CBO (est. for 47 mill...needs to be upped to +80 mil.). ...lets forget all that...even the future cost...... lets look at the past....

That FICA deduction you have paying since you were benefit YOU in the future....GONE! Yep you have just been fucked for the last 20 yrs (or however long you have been working). That money is lost...gonzo, nyet, nada, non-existant....yes you just payed into a black hole......yes thousands of dollars...from you sweating your ass off to make ends meat .....GONE!!!!!
Welcome to change my friend.

And you want the government to take care of you? Perhaps if you are would be a fine idea.

Why is noone talking about this?

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